How To Style: The Snake Pants

How To Style: The Snake Pants

This season animal prints are back full fledge and we are la-la-lovinggggg it! From snake print to zebra to leopard, you'll see these prints everywhere for the spring/summer season! (And let's hope they stick around for the fall too!) 

Last week we received our Snake Pants and I am probably the most excited person about it! Obviously had to snag a pair for myself, and I've been wearing them flat out ever since! (...three days in a row actually lol) They are mega comfortable with high stretch fabric and a soft lining on the inside. I opted for the Medium in these as I do have curvy thighs and getting the small up over them was just not happening. So for sizing reference they do run about a half size smaller than normal, but their high stretch makes up for it! 

I feel like sometimes people are scared ad intimidated by animal print because they have no idea how to style it or they don't know what to match with it, etc. So I thought I would share with you guys a few ways I styled them, and throwout some style tips and inspiration for this amazing statement piece!

First up was the obvious in my head, the Snake Pants paired with a band tee, Moto jacket and white boots. I love a bad ass look and this is for sure one of my favourites! 



Next I wanted to go for more of a softer casual look. So this time I popped on a cream sweater and again, opted for the white boots. You could also keep it neutral and casual with black boots and a black knit sweater too!


I'm also all about the comfort, so since these pants are so freaking comfortable this time I went for a hoodie and paired it with my Reebok Classics. Super casual but love the very Montreal street style vibe I got from this look. 



And obviously you know I'm going to dress it up a bit too! Paired with the Margeaux Sweater (which is now on sale FYI!) and a platform sandal. I would totally wear this outfit any day of the Spring! I'm also loving making this pants more soft versus badass, so pairing them with a softer color pallet will help make this bold print a little more subtle.



I was super inspired by a few other looks I found on Pinterest and Instagram which I will 100% be trying to accomplish with my own wardrobe!



Hope you guys enjoyed these looks, and if you're daring enough to give them a whirl you can go right ahead and buy them here, or pop into our store to give them a try on! See ya then babe!




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